Annual Moral & Political Philosophy Workshop

5th Annual Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop

About the Workshop

This workshop seeks to bring invited leading scholars to Dartmouth to discuss a range of normative concerns that are at the core of the scholarly study of ethics. The annual workshop rotates between faculty in the departments of Philosophy and Government. All members of the Dartmouth faculty are welcome to register.  REGISTER HERE.

Hanover Inn, Hayward Room

5th Annual Moral and Political Philosophy Workshop


Friday:  April 12, 2024

Session 1, 10:30am

Presenter: Robin Zheng (Glasgow)

Commentator:  Cesar Cabezas (Temple)

Chair:  Sonu Bedi (Dartmouth)

Session 2, 1:30pm

Presenter: Jeffrey Howard (University College London)

Commentator:  Luise Papcke (Yale)

Chair:  Julie Rose (Dartmouth)

Session 3, 3:15pm

Presenter: Anthony Kelley (LSU)

Commentator:  Lowry Pressly (Harvard)

Chair: Timothy Rosenkoetter (Dartmouth)


Saturday:  April 13, 2024

Session 4, 9:30am

Presenter:  Juliana Bidadanure (NYU)

Commentator: Samuel Bagg (South Carolina)

Chair: Susan Brison (Dartmouth)

Session 5, 11:15am

Presenter: Lucia Rafanelli (George Washington)

Commentator:  Ugur Altundal (Dartmouth)

Chair:  Lucas Swaine (Dartmouth)