Dorsett Fellowship Lecture Series

The Dorsett Fellowship was established in 2001 when the Frederick Gardner Cottrell Foundation, in conjunction with Research Corporation Technologies, made a significant donation in honor of Burt Dorsett ’53, establishing an endowed fund.

The purpose of the Dorsett fund is to honor the exemplary business career of Burt Dorsett by bringing practitioners of ethics (business leaders, physicians, engineers, etc.) and/or scholars of ethics to the Dartmouth campus. The Dorsett Fellows have provided public lectures, conducted guest lectures in college courses, participated in faculty working groups, and spent time pursuing their own research while on campus.

The Future is Wired: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Privacy, Social Media, Truth, Tech Companies, and More

Nicholas Thompson, April 24, 2023, 4:30-6pm, Moore Building, Filene Auditorium


Nicholas Thompson

In case you missed it, watch with your Dartmouth ID here.

Technology is changing everything, but it's also moving more quickly than we can keep up with—how can we make sure it works for us instead of against us? Nicholas Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic and former editor-in-chief of WIRED, says that  innovations have improved our lives in countless ways—"We live longer, eat better, and keep powerful computers in our pockets"—but we need vigilant journalism and an engaged society that is prepared to keep Big Tech in check. An award-winning author and former editor at The New Yorker, Nicholas teaches us what technology like ChatGPT can mean for our society, and how we can thrive in a future defined by new rules, new values, and new possibilities.