Classroom Enhancement Grant

About the Grant

These grants are open to all faculty.  Faculty may apply for grants throughout the academic year for research-based activities or invited classroom guests that support efforts to enrich the teaching experience with a focus on ethics, broadly construed.  These grants may be used to invite a guest lecturer from outside Dartmouth to a class, go on a research-related field trip, or engage in other activities that support the curriculum or classroom experience.  For more information about Dartmouth's current travel guidelines, visit:

Classroom Enhancement Grants should not be used to supplement travel or other expenses related to academic conferences on campus. If a visiting faculty member is on campus for such a conference, Classroom Enhancement Grants may be used for an additional night's stay in Hanover in order to meet with students in classes. Honorarium limit up to $1000 per person and any additional funds used for travel or other costs. Honorariums for Zoom classroom visits are permissible. Faculty may submit requests totaling up to $5000 per fiscal year and are encouraged to do so to advance their teaching, requests beyond that amount will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The Institute reviews these grant requests on a rolling basis.

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