Ethics Institute at Dartmouth

The Ethics Institute accepts applications to co-sponsor events on campus sponsored by other centers and institutes, administrative units, or individual faculty, which can include workshops, speakers, conferences or performances that advance the mission of the Institute (Ethics Institute Mission Statement).  Please note that administrative support will not be provided for co-sponsored events. Those applying for co-sponsorship must include a chart string where the funds will be deposited.  Recipients are required to acknowledge the support of the Ethics Institute in any publicity. Our co-sponsorship awards will not generally exceed $5,000.  Requests greater than that will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Institute reviews these co-sponsorship requests on a rolling basis and the award (which may be less than the amount requested) depends on how the project advances the mission of the Institute as well as the availability of funds.  

Submitting an application for co-sponsorship involves two steps:

  1. Complete and submit an application form online.
  2. Email to the attention of Sonu Bedi, with a full description of the event and a draft budget.

Recent Funded Requests

The Roundtable for Black Feminist and Womanist Theory (November 3-5, 2022)


The 3rd Annual Roundtable for Black Feminist and Womanist Theory

The Roundtable for Black Feminist and Womanist Theory was founded by Dr. K. Bailey Thomas in February 2020 in response to the lack of spaces dedicated for those whose work is centered within Black feminist and womanist traditions. The Roundtable operates first and foremost as a working-space geared towards aiding participants in their publication goals.The Roundtable for Black Feminist and Womanist Theory was founded by Dr. K. Bailey Thomas in February 2020 in response to the lack of spaces dedicated for those whose work is centered within Black feminist and womanist traditions. The Roundtable operates first and foremost as a working-space geared towards aiding participants in their publication goals.



Day of the Dead, Spanish and Portuguese Department, October 28-November 5, 2022

Remembering those from our community who lost their lives since the pandemic.


Day of the Dead, October 28-November 5, 2022

This year, in the framework of the Day of the Dead in Mexico, from October 28th- November 5th we will set traditional offerings in Baker-Berry Library in remembrance of our Dartmouth community members who have lost their lives since the beginning of the pandemic.  After the terrible losses that the community has suffered, we consider it pertinent to make an offering in remembrance of our dear students and members of the community. The ofrenda will be a space to pause and reflect on the impermanence of life, but also to tell those who are no longer among us, that their presence prevails in our hearts.

Illuminations: The Dark Room: Race and Visual Culture Studies Seminar 10th Anniversary Symposium

The Illuminations Symposium will bring together members of The Dark Room: Race and Visual Culture Seminar to present research on race, gender, and contemporary visual culture.


Illuminations Symposium

The Dark Room is a working group of women of color scholars, artists, and curators whose work gathers at the intersection of critical race theory and visual culture studies. The group began in 2012 and now boasts nearly one hundred members from over seventy colleges, universities, and museums in the United States and Canada. Our 10th anniversary symposium, Illuminations, will take place October 13-16th of this year at Dartmouth College and Harvard University. On October 13th and 14th Dark Room members will convene in Hanover for a series of presentations on race, gender, and the visual. The conference will then move to the Hip Hop Archive & Research Institute at Harvard University's Hutchins Center on October 15th for the final day of talks.


Workshop on Legal Philosophy and Moral Psychology, September 15, 2022

Ethics and Epistemology, Summer, 2022

60th Anniversary Commemoration of MLK Jr.'s Visit to Dartmouth College (May, 2022)

Campus wide celebration of Dr. King's visit to Dartmouth College on May 23rd, 1962. His eldest son, MLK III was invited to speak to the College community in May, 2022.

Positive Exposure Exhibition at Dartmouth-Hitchcock

The exhibition will feature empowering portraits of people living with genetic differences to highlight beauty in diversity and contribute to fostering a more compassionate, understanding, and respectful community. This project is a collaboration between Geisel's Ethics and Human Values program, the Ethics Institute at Dartmouth, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Arts and Humanities Program, and a nonprofit organization named Positive Exposure.  The photography exhibition that will be coming DHMC (April 11-May 10, 2022) is entitled "The New Faces of Genetics and Beyond"  The exhibition of approximately 30 portraits has travelled to numerous hospitals around the United States and the world, including the Mayo Clinic, Brigham and Women's Hospital and NYU Langone Medical Center. It was also featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in celebration of the Human Genome Project. (Spring, 2022)

Nikole Hannah-Jones – 1619 Project (Spring, 2022)

Nikole Hannah-Jones Lecture about the 1619 Project. Discussion of 1619 Project with Nikole Hannah-Jones, moderated by Monica Ndounou, Department of Theater, with Roger Guenveur Smith, Hopkins Center for the Arts' Artist-in-Residence

Haiti, Beyond the Headlines

The Program in African and African American Studies seeking to address the complexity of the crisis in Haiti by organizing 2 events: (1) a roundtable with noted experts on Haiti and (2) a screening of an award-winning film by a Haitian filmmaker followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker. (Winter, 2022)

Legal and Political Philosophy Workshop intersecting with a range of scholarly questions regarding ethics. 

Sexual Citizenship at Dartmouth

A series of events with Jennifer Hirsch of Columbia University and Shamus Khan of Princeton who discuss and share their work on sexual assault on college campuses, as presented in their critically acclaimed book Sexual Citizens. (Fall, 2021)

Unspeakable Truths:  Political Violence, Gender, and Reconciliation (Spring, 2022)

Unspeakable Truths will focus on the aftermath and the road to recovery from two conflicts that have effaced European societies in recent history: the Balkan wars of the 1990s and the Basque ETA armed conflict in Spain-France (1959-2011). 

In the Wake of the Plague: Mourning and Eros

This symposium is devoted to the question of how the global cataclysm of COVID-19 challenges us as a global community to think a new world in the wake of pervasive grief, with the hope of reinvigorating love's bonds. (Spring, 2022)

Marx, Critical Theory, and Contemporary Social Problems Workshop (Spring, 2022)