Manuscript Review

The Ethics Institute’s Manuscript Review Program is open to all eligible Dartmouth faculty with manuscripts that are near completion, yet still in a position to benefit from peer review and comment.  The manuscript’s focus should align with the mission and scope of the Institute.

Review Process

Manuscripts selected for participation in the review program are copied and distributed to specified Dartmouth faculty and two external reviewers identified by the author. The Ethics Institute then arranges a Manuscript Review Seminar in which all readers gather to discuss the work and assist the author in developing strategies for the manuscript's improvement and possible placement for publication.
The Ethics Institute covers all costs for each manuscript review selected for the program, including copying and distribution of the author’s manuscript for review as well as travel, accommodations, and honoraria for the two external reviewers. The Ethics Institute also hosts a dinner for reviewers following the seminar.
For works that fall outside of the Ethics Institute focus areas, we are happy to help guide faculty to potential support elsewhere on campus. The following centers also conduct manuscript reviews:  The Leslie Center for the Humanities, The Dickey Center for International Understanding, and the Rockefeller Center for Public Policy.