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Mission of the Institute

Established in 1982 by a group of Dartmouth faculty interested in issues of applied and professional ethics, the Ethics Institute seeks to advance the study and teaching of ethics throughout the Dartmouth community through public programming, fellowships, funding for research and teaching, and an ethics across the curriculum course guide.  The Institute considers a range of methodologies (e.g., normative, empirical, historical, humanistic) to be important to advancing ethics. 


The Hans '80 and Kate Morris Director of the Ethics Institute

Welcome from Sonu Bedi


Sonu Bedi

I've been a member of the Department of Government and the larger Dartmouth community for over fifteen years, focusing my research and teaching on the United States Constitution and its relationship to ethics.  Central to this research is the idea that disagreement is a feature of the Constitution and the study of ethics.  Disagreement about moral and political philosophy makes the study of ethics so interesting and generative.  I see the Institute as an intellectual resource for the Dartmouth community to engage in this study from a range of methodologies and perspectives.  The teacher/scholar model is unique to Dartmouth, where students work alongside faculty in exploring important and difficult questions.  As Director of the Institute, I draw on this model to advance the mission of the Institute.  I encourage you to join our mailing list and peruse our website to learn more about this mission. 

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We are located in Blunt Alumni Center, Suite 201.


The Blunt Alumni Center on Dartmouth's campus.

6031 Blunt Alumni Center
Suite 201
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Diane Belback, Assistant Director

Phone: 603-646-1263

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