Skylar L. Wiseman

My name is Skylar Wiseman and I am a '24 at Dartmouth majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics with a minor in English. Originally from North Carolina, I am now located in Tampa, Florida. During my time at Dartmouth, I have grown much as a leader through my time as a D-LAB facilitator and my role as the Vice Presidents of Events and Programming at Kappa Delta. I am particularly invested in philanthropy, and do much work with the DCSI as well as with my sorority. Intellectually, I am interested in theories of governance (e.g. political liberalism), existential philosophy, corporate law, constitutional law, and bankruptcy law. To that end, I am currently writing a government thesis on the Obergefell decision and it's comportment (or lack thereof) with politicalliberalism. I am a member of the Dartmouth Figure Skating Team and current law school applicant.