Selin Hos

Selin Hos is '25 from Southwest Florida, pursuing an English major modified with Economics. At Dartmouth, she pursues her love of writing by collaborating on a number of publications. As a columnist for The Dartmouth, the student newspaper, she publishes long-form, philosophical reflection pieces for the Dartmouth community. She also works with the Admissions Office to produce 3D Magazine, writing profiles on dynamic faculty and students for prospective applicants. She is also committed to sustainability and social impact. Using a leadership grant from Dartmouth's Center for Social Impact, she spent last winter break aiding in natural disaster recovery efforts  following the destruction Hurricane Ian left in her hometown. In her free time, Selin enjoys meeting new people and traveling to new places, as well as spending time in the sunshine—whether it be kayaking with the Ledyard Canoe Club, spending time at Dartmouth's Organic Farm, or simply lounging with friends on the Green.


HB Hinman Box 2159