Matthew T. Beroza

My name is Matt Beroza; I am a '22 from Long Island New York, majoring in Government modified with Economics and plan on minoring in Middle Eastern Studies. I have engaged in a variety of experiences that are founded on the ideas similar to the ones in the fellowship. Working in Congress, the actions of the Supreme Court and the principles of the U.S. Constitution were central to my and my colleagues' jobs. Working for the Political Violence FieldLab, the norms and customs behind international and domestic use of military force were central to the issues we looked to help. Further, my extracurriculars, specifically the Law Journal and Rockefeller Center Leadership programs, required me to use the same skills and look at similar issues. For me, this program is a culmination of many, if not most, of the activities that drew me to Dartmouth and inspire me to create change. I will have the opportunity to continue discussing and debating issues that attracted me to the study of politics, I will be able to further develop key skills necessary for a future in law, something I strive every day to achieve, and I will be able to engage in the intellectual curiosity that defines the Dartmouth community.