Katherine N. Goyette

One of my extra-curricular interests (of which I have many) is the law -- and not just The Law itself, but the ways that people view, interact with, and are impacted by the law in their daily lives. I'm majoring in Classics and double minoring in history and biology, so I haven't had the chance to do much more than glance upon this topic in my formal studies. Much of my work on it, then, has been informal -- reading what I stumble upon, thinking about it, and maybe jotting down a few of those thoughts in my diary. But, as I suspect anyone would at a certain point, I often now feel that this process isn't always satisfactory anymore. I need someone to talk through my thoughts with -- someone who is also interested and can talk in return, and not just the captive audience of my roommates and family. The fellowship would meet that niche perfectly.


HB 7927